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Open Online Agents are in proud partnership with Trussell Trust, a UK based charity which raises money for over 1,200 food centres in the UK. Trussell Trust work tirelessly to achieve their vision of the UK not needing food banks. As a company we strive to develop our philanthropist ventures, as well as become a leading online estate agency service. As a company we recognise the importance of charity, helping the local community and those in need, hence our recent partnership with Trussell Trust is one which we are extremely proud of.

Open Online is in partnership with Trussell Trust as we agree with TT’s philosophy to raise money for food banks across the UK. We recognise the importance of food banks, not just during the present pandemic, but every day. We proudly donate a variable sum each month to Trussell Trust and every time we successfully sell a property, we donate a sum to the charity. If you would like to learn more about Trussell trust, visit their website here.

Open Online Agents is in support of Child Poverty Action Group, a charity which works on behalf of the more than one in four children in the UK growing up in poverty. CPAG provide training, advice, and information to make sure hard-up families get the financial support they need. CPAG also carry out high profile legal work to establish and protect families’ rights.

CPAG’s vision is to ensure society is free of child poverty, that all children can enjoy a childhood free of financial hardship and have opportunities made available to them to better their lives. The charity is on a mission to promote action to prevent and eradicate child poverty among children and families with children in the UK. CPAG have been established for over 50 years and believe child poverty is relative to the society families live in and is characterised by a lack of resources. It is neither necessary nor inevitable and is responsive to policy action. CPAG believe that policy solutions should focus on adequate incomes, prioritise prevention rather than relief, and means-testing should be avoided wherever possible. The charity’s theory to ensure change is by actively promoting their values, advance public and political will to ensure that child poverty is removed from modern society, by developing evidence-based solutions, CPAG encourage policymakers and practitioners to act to prevent and end child poverty. Through campaigning, CPAG are working towards social and political change that will keep families from poverty. CPAG believe that by developing and sharing their social security expertise, CPAG can help maximise families’ resources, inform their evidence for change and, through their social enterprise, sustain their income.